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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Toilet Ghost


Hanako San is a Japanese urban legend about the ghost of a young girl that’s supposed to haunt school toilets, opening and closing doors and scaring anyone who enters the bathroom, knocks on her stall, and calls her name.

Twenty years ago, when a wave of stories of ghost-sightings swept through the nation’s school yards, one tale in particular, “Hanako, the ghost in the toilet” almost achieved the status of a national phenomena.

Every child had a “Hanako” story to tell. The stories, of course, are many and varied but every schoolchild in Japan, at one time or another, has stood in dread and anticipation as he or she ventured into the school toilet alone.


Kashima Reiko, a female ghost without legs who also lives in school bathrooms. She calls out “Where are my legs?” when people enter the bathroom. If you answer wrongly you will get you leg twisted from your body.

The correct way to answer her varies.

In one version:
You have to answered, " at Meishin Expressway". She will then continued asking, " Who told you that?". You have to answer, "Kashima Reiko (仮死魔靈子) told me that."
That way you will be saved.

Red Paper, Blue Paper


Aoi Kami or Aka Kami, a male ghost who waits in the last stall in the girls’ bathroom. Anyone entering the bathroom hears a voice asking, “Which do you prefer, the red paper or the blue paper?”

If they pick “red,” he kills them by slashing their back or neck repeatedly with a blade, to make them look like they’re wearing a red cape. If they pick “blue,” then they’re killed by hanging.

He’s known as Aka Manto (red cape), Aoi Manto (blue cape), Aoi Hanten, Aka Hanten, Aka Kami (red paper), and Aoi Kami (Blue Paper)

There is also another similar version - a lady heard a voice saying, "Do you wan red paper or yellow paper." The lady replied "Yellow" and had filty stuff poured on to her. She went to a police station to make a report, the police lady stationed there thought it was the work of a psycho and decided to check on the toilet.

When the policewoman failed to return, her colleague went to the toilet to check on her, only to discovered that the woman was lying on a pool of blood - Dead.

Her answer was "Red".


In red papar, blue paper and white paper, depend on wat you choose, you will get either a bloody hand, bluish hand or a wet pale white hand reaching out for you.


Anonymous said...

I have a slight question i dont mean to be childish or anything but is this real??? is Kashima reiko real? cause they told me if i knew the story she would come for me in a month? i ask and ask and ask if she is real no one would answer me? im sorry but if you could answer for me i would be grateful for life! than you have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Been told not real but in the same perdicament watched a you tube video about her a few days ago but their are month old replies and even older ones and the person who made the videos was still alive so i go with no.

Anonymous said...

it's not real. it's been more than a month and she hasn't seen me.