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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Story: This is an 3D CG animated movie about Hikiko, who is a character from a Japanese urban legend. She was violently treated all the time by her parents and classmates at elementary school and She's extremely ugly due to the constant violence. To revenge, she caught specially elementary school students and drag them on the floor until they're badly mutilated.

This clip consist of the trailers and some clips

Staff: Original Writer, Writer, Driecor, CG Creator: 奇志戒聖 (Kishi Kaisei); Theme song: 君と(Kimito/With You) by 三玲(Mirei); Company: ANEC

Official Site, Blog & other reference:ひきこさん

DVD Info at Amazon Japan

Mirei (theme song performer)'s Blog & Site: of

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