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Friday, September 12, 2008

Spirit of the Mirror 镜仙

The mirror has unimaginable magical powers to many; there-fore it is not surprising that out of the several invitations for spirits, there is that includes the spirit of the mirror.

There is 2 way to playing this Game:

镜仙 日本玩法两块一样大的可以照出全身的镜子,将它们面对面的放置,就会形成一种无限镜像的状况。在午夜零点时,召唤者站在两块镜子的中间,用左手触摸面前的镜子,开始呼唤镜仙。召唤的房间要安静且只可有召唤者一人,在镜子的两边要点上两只蜡烛,一边一只。

Method 1:
Two full size mirrors of the same size and osition them to face each other. Infinite images will be reflected. At midnight, stand in beteween the two mirrors and using the left hand to touch the mirror in front and start calling. The room must be quit and the person must be alone. Place two candles with one on each side of the mirror. (Japan method)


Method 2:
At 12 am midnight, plave a mirror in front of you. Also place a candle light by the side of the mirror and start peeling an apple. The peeled apple skin must not be broken, it is said tat if the skin is broken, you life will end. After the peeling, you will be able to see what is ahead of you.

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