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Friday, September 19, 2008


English Version:

There was this old woman who lived with her pet dog. Every night she would put the little white dog under her bed, where it slept. Each night it would lick her hand goodnight before falling asleep. One night, she was just about to turn off her radio when a news bulletin spoke of a psychopath that had just broken out off his cell and is on the loose. She went to bed a little nervous. But after getting a reassuring lick, she fell asleep. She woke several minutes later to a dripping sound. She checked the whole house and eventually found where the dripping was coming from. Her dog had been killed and was hanging from the shower curtain, its blood dripping into the drain. She ran back to her room, screaming and looked under the bed. There was nothing there.

Chinese Version:
某个家庭因为双亲一同外出,所以唯一的女儿必须单独留在家过夜。女孩为了安全起见,非常小心地把家中所有的窗户都上锁了,但有一个小窗户却无论怎样都无法上锁。虽然她有点担心,但因为窗户小小的,而且又有爱犬陪在她身旁,她心想“应该没问题吧!”,於是就这样放著不管了。但是睡到半夜,她却被“滴答滴答”的水滴声给吵醒。虽然有点不安,担心会不会出了什麼事,但却也没有勇气前往确认。取而代之的,是她将她的手伸到床下让爱犬来回舔著,藉由这个动作来让自己安心。心情放松之後,她也就再度睡著了。   隔天早上,女孩发现喉咙被割开、吊在天花板上的爱犬。半夜的水滴声,原来是爱犬的血滴到地板所发出的声音。接著,她在床下发现一枚小纸条。“人啊,也是会舔东西的喔。”

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