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Monday, September 22, 2008

Criminal in Hiding

"A woman came home from shopping to find her Doberman choking on something. She quickly put him in the car and drove him to the vet. The vet told her to go on home while he operated to remove whatever was lodged in the dog's windpipe, and he'd call her when she could pick up her pet. She wasn't home for long when the vet called and told her in an excited voice to get out of the house right now, he'd be by to explain in a few minutes. From her neighbor's window she saw the vet arrive with the police and ran out to see if her dog was all right and what was going on. As the police ran into her house the vet told her what her loving pet had choked on… two human fingers. The police found the escaped criminal hiding in the closet nursing his mangled hand."

有个妇人在回家之後,看到家里的都卜曼犬倒在地上喘著。她马上将狗载去找兽医。兽医告诉她,因为还不知道呼吸困难的原因,所以必须将器官切开,把管子放到里面去才行。又说这看了会让人难以忍受,所以劝妇人先回家,把狗寄放在该处一晚。妇人一回到家,电话便马上响了起来。电话一接,原来是刚刚的兽医。“马上离开那间房子,然後到隔壁人家借电话叫!”     原来,兽医在手术时,发现了让狗呼吸困难的原因。那是因为有东西卡在狗的喉咙,所以才会造成呼吸困难。而那卡在喉咙的东西,是人类的三根手指。pol.ice到了妇人的家後,循著血迹,发现被狗咬掉手指的小偷,蹲在地上痛苦地压住自己手指被咬掉的部分。

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