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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Selling Salt to Dead

This is a Singapore Urban Legend whereby you can sell salt to the dead and get for money.

You have to be there before the stroke of midnight..
Bring a large packet of salt with you..
Your first customer will arrive in no time..
do not be afraid as the outstretched hand you will se in front of you may not appear human..
put a handful of salt into the outstretched hand..
do not look up no matter what happens..
after the salt is placed in "it's" hand, it will pay you some hellnote.
By Morning, the hellnote will became real cash"

But you must carry enought salt to last you till morning if not you will fall sick or even die...

Other version:

"To sell salt to the ghosts, bring packets of salt to a cemetery in the night and with your head facing down. Walk around the cemetary, if you see someone's feet before you. Just pass the salt and the ghosts will pass you some leaves, just keep doing it until you finish your packets of salt that you bring inside the cemetary. Once you are out of the cemetary, there will be numbers on the leave for you to buy lottery and the numbers definately come out. One important thing is not to look up and always face to the ground and NEVER try to look at the face of the ghosts."

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