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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In the suburbs of the United States, there was a family of two, a mother and her daughter. Since they had recently moved to a new house, the mother decided to buy her daughter a cat, named Fluffy, to cheer her up about the moving ordeal (new school, leaving old friends etc.) One day, while the daughter was attending her new school, the mother witnessed the cat get hit by a car. When the girl returned home, the mother didn't want to tell her about the cat because she thought it would break her heart. As the days went by, the mother noticed the girl acting strangely. The daughter would periodically fill the cat's old dish with cat food and moments after the food would be gone. There were scratch marks on the couch and the carpet. The mother would ask her daughter how it happened and the daughter would blame Fluffy. Soon after, the mother started to worry about her daughter and called in a priest to analyze her behaviour. The priest came in and talked to the girl for a while. After discussion, he asked the girl if he could take a picture of her and Fluffy. The girl agreed and called the cat over, pretending to kneel down and pick the cat up, even though nothing was there. He took the picture and when the photo developed, there was an image of a cat in the girl's arms.

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