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Friday, September 12, 2008

Songkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum

Here, you'll become intimately acquainted with embalmed bodies of murderers, exhibits of ghastly deaths, and the ephemera gathered from murder scenes.
A crowd-pleaser is the standing, wax-filled remains of noted 1950's cannibal, Si Quey. The ecannibal's body has been filled with paraffin, and the autopsy scar is visible on his forehead (his brain was removed to determine if a cannibal's mind is different than anyone else's: it wasn't). The neatly hand-lettered sign notes that he killed "because he loves to eat human's organ not because of starving." There is a strangely avant-garde artistic aspect to many of the exhibits: the head of a victim of a gunshot wound to the head is neatly sawed in half lengthwise, to illustrate the path of the bullet-hole, the whole package neatly encased in sealed glass filled with formaldehyde, perhaps the world’s grimmest aquarium. You've read about train wrecks, fatal car accidents, and motorcycle decapitations, and here, you can see photos that newspapers worldwide refuse to print. "Crush injury by machine" was particularly illustrative, as was "blast force injury (hand grenade)."

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