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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This will bring you 7 years of bad luck or might cause the death of someone in the family. If a mirror is broken, remove it from the house and, if possible, bury it in the ground (to counteract the evil consequences).

Origin. Before the invention of mirrors, man gazed at his reflection, his "other self," in pools, ponds, and lakes. If the image was distorted, it was a mark of impending disaster. The "unbreakable" metal mirrors of the early Egyptians and Greeks were valued items because of their magical properties. After glass mirrors were introduced, it was the Romans who tagged the broken mirror a sign of bad luck. The length of the prescribed misfortune, 7 years, came from the Roman belief that man's body was physically rejuvenated every 7 years, and he became, in effect, a new man. Read Article!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


"There are such beings as vampires, some of us have evidence that they exist. Even had we not the proof of our own unhappy experience, the teachings and the records of the past give proof enough for sane peoples," said Dr. Seward's diary in Bram Stoker's Dracula. It was Bram Stoker who took the vampire of folklore and made him beautiful, powerful, and sexy. There were cases of vampires all over the world before, during, and even after Dracula both seduced and frightened us -- one of these cases was Mercy Brown, the Rhode Island vampire.

Mercy Brown has the distinction of being the last of the North American vampires -- at least in the traditional sense. Mercy Lena Brown was a farmer's daughter and an upstanding member of rural Exeter, Rhode Island. She was only 19 years old when she died of consumption on January 17, 1892. On March 17, 1892, Mercy's body would be exhumed from the cemetery because members of the community suspected the vampire Mercy Brown was attacking her dying brother, Edwin.

For help with Mercy Brown and vampirism, I spoke with Dr. Michael Bell, a folklorist and author of Food for the Dead, a book that explores the folklore and history behind Mercy Brown as well as several other cases of New England vampires. Many people's understanding of what a vampire is comes mostly from Bram Stoker's work and Anne Rice novels, but the traditional vampire is actually quite different.

So what is a traditional vampire? "Paul Barber wrote a book called Vampires, Burial, and Death," Dr. Bell said. "He gives a forensic interpretation of vampire incidents. They're a natural phenomenon that wasn't understood by the people at the time because they didn't really know what happens to the bodies under different conditions. His definition is that a vampire is your classic scapegoat. I think his definition, if I can paraphrase it, is something like a vampire is a corpse that comes to the attention of a community during a time of crisis, and is taken for the cause of that crisis." Vampires of folklore were not the romantic characters of modern cinema -- they were the walking dead who literally drained the life out of their victims. Attacking vampires was a way for a community to physically embody and fight an evil that is plaguing them. In the case of Mercy Brown, that evil was consumption.

During the 1800s, consumption, or pulmonary tuberculosis, was credited with one out of four deaths. Consumption could kill you slowly over many years, or the disease could come quickly and end your life in a matter of weeks. The effects were devastating on families and communities. Dr. Bell explained that some of the symptoms of consumption are the gradual loss of strength and skin tone. The victim becomes pale, stops eating, and literally wastes away. At night, the condition worsens because the patient is lying on their back, and fluid and blood may collect in the lungs. During later stages, one might wake up to find blood on one's face, neck, and nightclothes, breathing is laborious, and the body is starved for oxygen.

Dr. Bell feels there is a direct connection between vampire cases and consumption. He said, "The way you look personally is the way vampires have always been portrayed in folklore -- like walking corpses, which is what you are, at least in the later stages of consumption. Skin and bones, fingernails are long and curved, you look like the vampire from Nosferatu."

Consumption took its first victim within the Brown family in December of 1883 when Mercy's mother, Mary Brown, died of the disease. Seven months later, the Browns' eldest daughter, Mary Olive, also died of consumption. The Browns' only son, Edwin, came down with consumption a few years after Mary Olive's death and was sent to live in the arid climate of Colorado to try and stop the disease. Late in 1891, Edwin returned home to Exeter because the disease was progressing -- he essentially came home to die. Mercy's battle with consumption was considerably shorter than her brother's. Mercy had the "galloping" variety of consumption -- her battle with the disease lasted only a few months. Mercy was laid to rest in Chestnut Hill Cemetery behind the Baptist church on Victory Highway.

After Mercy's funeral, her brother Edwin's condition worsened rapidly, and their father, George Brown, grew more frantic. Mr. Brown had lost his wife and two of his daughters, and now he was about to lose his only son. Science and medicine had no answers for George Brown, but folklore did. For centuries prior to Mercy Brown there have been vampires. The practice of slaying these "walking dead" began in Europe -- some of the ways people dealt with vampires was to exhume the body of the suspect, drive a stake through the heart, rearrange the skeletal remains, remove vital organs, or cremate the entire corpse. All of these rituals involve desecrating the mortal remains. The practice happened with enough regularity that the general population felt it could cure, or at the very least help, whatever evil was overwhelming them.

So much death had plagued the Brown family that poor George Brown probably felt he was cursed in some way. It wouldn't take too many chats with those empathizing with George's plight to come up with a radical idea to stop the death. Maybe the Brown family was under vampire attacks from beyond the grave. Was Mercy Brown the vampire, or was it Mercy's mother or sister? George Brown was willing to dig up the body of his recently deceased daughter, remove her heart, burn it, and feed the ashes to his son because he felt he had no other choice.

In Dr. Bell's book, Food for the Dead, he recounts an extensive interview he conducted with Everett Peck, a descendent of Mercy Brown and life-long resident of Exeter, Rhode Island. "Everett heard the story from people who had been there [at the exhumation of Mercy Brown] -- who were alive at the time," Dr. Bell said. "The newspaper [Providence Journal] says they exhumed all three bodies, that is, Mercy's mother, her sister who had died before her, and Mercy. Everett said they only dug up Mercy. He implied that there was some sign that Mercy was the one -- that's the supernatural creeping into his story. Everett said that after they had dug her up, [they saw that] she had turned over in the grave -- but there's no mention of that in the newspaper or the eyewitness accounts."

Mercy Brown died before embalming became a common practice. During decomposition, it is possible for bodies to sit up, jerk -- even sounds can emit from them because bloating can occur, and if wind escapes by passing over the vocal chords, there could be groans.

We don't know exactly what position her body was in on that day in March when George Brown, and some of his friends and family, came to examine Mercy's body. We do know that she looked "too well preserved."

"There's a suggestion in the newspaper that she wasn't actually interred in the ground," Dr. Bell said. "She was actually put in an above-ground crypt, because bodies were stored in the wintertime when the ground was frozen and they couldn't really dig. When the thaw came, they would bury them. So it's possible that she wasn't even really interred."

Her visual condition prompted the group to cut open her chest cavity and examine her innards. Dr. Bell said, "They examined her organs. The newspaper said her heart and liver had blood in it. It was liquid blood, which they interpreted as fresh blood." Bell explained how forensics can clarify how blood can coagulate and become liquid again, but at the time, the liquid was taken as evidence that Mercy was indeed a vampire and the one draining the life from Edwin and possibly other consumption victims in the community.

Dr. Bell said, "They cut her heart out, and as Everett said, they burned it on a nearby rock. Then according to the newspaper, they fed them [the ashes of the heart] to Edwin." The folklore said that destroying the heart of a vampire would kill it, and by consuming the remains of the vampire's heart -- the spell would be broken and the victim would get well.

The community's vampire slaying had failed to save Edwin -- he died two months later, but maybe it helped others in the community? Dr. Bell's view on Mercy Brown is that she was the scapegoat author Paul Barber discussed. Dr. Bell said, "She basically absorbs the ignorance, the fears, and in some cases the guilt that people have because their neighbors, friends, and family are dying, and they don't understand why and they can't stop it."

Mercy Brown is arguably North America's most famous vampire because she is also the most recent. The event caused such a stir in 1892 because newspapers like the Providence Journal editorialized that the idea of exhuming a body to burn the heart is completely barbaric in those modern times.

As Dr. Bell said, "Folklore always has an answer -- it may not be the scientifically valid answer, but sometimes it's better to have any answer than none at all." Read Article!

Chinese Ghost Stories



有一年登山社去登山,其中有一对感情很好的情侣在一起. 当他们到山下准备攻峰时,天气突然转坏了,但是他们还是要执意的上山去. 于是就留下那个女的看营地,可过了三天都没有看见他们回来. 那个女的有点担心了,心想可能是因为天气的原因吧. 等呀等呀,到了第七天,终于大家回来了,可是唯独她的男友没有回来. 大家告诉她,在攻峰的第一天,她的男友就不幸死了! 他们赶在头七回来,心想他可能会回来找她的. 于是大家围成一个圈,把她放在中间,到了快十二点时,突然她的男友出现了还混身是血的一把抓住她就往外跑.他女朋友吓得哇哇大叫,极力挣扎,这时她男友告诉她.... 在攻峰的第一天就发生了山难! 全部的人都死了只有他还活着........
你相信谁? Read Article!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Babysitter

It was nine o'clock in the evening. Everybody was sitting on the couch in front of the TV. There were Richard, Brian, Jenny and Doreen, the babysitter.

The telephone rang. "Maybe it's your mother," said Doreen. She picked up the phone. Before she could say a word, a man laughed hysterically and hung up.

"Who was it?" asked Richard.

"Some nut," said Doreen. "What did I miss?"

At nine-thirty the telephone rang again. Doreen answered it. It was the man who had called before.

"I'll be there soon," he said, and he laughed and hung up.

"Who was it?" the children asked.

"Some crazy person," she said.

About ten o'clock the phone rang again. Jenny got it first. "Hello," she said. It was the same man. "One more hour," he said, and he laughed and hung up.

"He said, 'One more hour.' What did he mean?" asked Jenny.

"Don't worry," said Doreen. "It's somebody fooling around."

"I'm scared," said Jenny. About ten-thirty the telephone rang once more. When Doreen picked it up, the man said, "Pretty soon now," and he laughed.

"Why are you doing this?" Doreen screamed, and he hung up.

"Was it that guy again?" asked Brian.

"Yes," said Doreen. "I'm going to call the operator and complain."

The operator told her to call back if it happened again, and she would try to trace the call. At eleven o'clock the telephone rang again. Doreen answered it.

"Very soon now," the man said, and he laughed and hung up. Doreen called the operator. Almost at once she called back.

"That person is calling from a telephone upstairs," she said.

"You'd better leave. I'll get the police." Just then a door upstairs opened.

A man they had never seen before started down the stairs towards them. As they ran from the house, he was smiling in a very strange way.

A few minutes later, the police found him there and arrested him. Read Article!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Family Trip

A man named Charles was going on a vacation with his brother, his brothers wife and their three children. Since there wasn't enough room for 6 people in one car, Charles decided to take his own car and caravan. They drove for a few hours. Then in the middle of nowhere, during the long ride, Charles' car got a flat tire. They pulled over to fix the flat. Charles' brother wanted to stay with him while he changed the tire, but Charles insisted that hed go on ahead because the children were tired and becoming wrestles from the long ride. He said he would quickly catch up to them and not to worry.
So Charles' relatives drove off while Charles changed the tire. When he was finished, he called his brother on the cell phone, but for some strange reason, no one answered. He left a voice message saying he was on his way, but they never called back. Charles assumed they had made it to their destination. He drove a few more hours and miles, waiting for an answer from his brother, but he never received one. It was getting late in the night, and Charles was getting very tired. There were no hotels to stay in that are, but he found a house out in the middle of nowhere.
He called his brother one last time and left a message: Hi Mark, this is Charles. Im tired of driving, so Im going to spend the night in this little house just up the road. Dont worry, Ill be ok. Ill see you in the morning bright and early.
The owner of the house kindly let him stay in for the night. The homes decor seemed to be stuck in the 70s with lava lamps and old records. The old man offered Charles dinner and Charles kindly accepted. Charles sat at the dining table and waited for the old man to serve him. The old man served Charles a warm plate. At first Charles thought it was meatloaf. But as he bit into the meaty dish a few times he realized that it was not meatloaf. Charles asked, "This is a delicious dish. What's it called?"
"It's a Spanish dish." The man replied. "It's called: El Carne de tus familias." Charles was confused.
"What does that mean in English?" He asked.
The man said. "It means: The Meat of your Relatives!" Read Article!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Smith Sisters Murdered Anonymously

This is a story about the Smith sisters who were murdered anonymously while they slept in their bedroom.

Its an urban legend about a boy named John Smith who was very fond of scary emails and pop-ups.

Every day, he would find new ones and post them to everyone he knew. He even started making some himself and sending them to strangers. He loved to scare people on the Net.

John lived in Plainfield, Wisconsin. One day in November 2007, he opened up his Inbox and found a message that appeared to be from two young girls. They called themselves the Smith Sisters and told him they were his older sisters, which confused him because he was an only child. They said years ago, they had lived in his house.
He replied, saying he didnt have any sisters and told them to get lost and leave him alone. The next day, he received a chilling message with some photo attachments. The first photo was of two young girls.
The caption on it said Smith Sisters murdered anonymously.

The girls said in the email that they were indeed his older sisters. They told him that in 1993 they had lived in his house. His bedroom had once been their bedroom. They told him all about growing up and about their lives and how happy they had been until one horrible night.
He opened up the other attachment. It was a scan of an old newspaper article.
In 1993, two sisters were brutally murdered in the small-town community of Plainfield, Wisconsin. Lisa Smith, 19 and her sister, Sarah Smith, 15 were attacked in their parents home on the night of November 17th, around 1:30AM. The Smith Sisters were lying in bed when a crazed killer broke into the house. No-one heard them scream. In the morning, their parents found the dead bodies of the Smith Sisters hidden in the bedroom closet. They had been skinned alive. The killer was long gone and no trace of him could be found. They had been murdered anonymously. Police conducted an extensive investigation, but to no avail. The motives for the attack were never discovered. Nor was the attacker ever found. The only lead authorities had was a series of strange emails found in Lisas computer. The case was closed in October of 2000.
In the rest of the email, the sisters said that they were angry that the case was closed and people forgot about them.
They were angry that their parents wanted to forget about them too.
They were angry that their parents decided to start over and had a new baby. A little boy named John.
They were angry that their parents had never mentioned their daughters or their tragic murder to their new son John.
John Smith, sent an angry reply saying he didnt believe what they were saying. He didnt believe the Smith Sisters were really related to him and he didnt believe the newspaper article was real. He told them to go to hell.
Five minutes later, he got another email from them. It said If you dont believe us, look in the bedroom closet.
That was the last email that was found on Johns computer. Police were unable to trace who had sent the messages to him.
On the floor of the closet, the police found a faint message, carved in the wood. It simply read Lisa and Sarah - 1993″. Underneath that, was another carving that read John 2007.
No-one knows what John did next, but in the morning, Johns parents woke up to find their son missing. Then they checked his bedroom closet and got the shock of their lives. There they found the dead body of their son. He had been skinned alive.
No-one knows what really happened that night. Police were only able to piece together parts of the story based on what they found on Johns computer.

The parents were devastated. How could this happen to a family. First their daughters were murdered. And now years later their son is murdered.
It seemed too weird to be just a coincidence. Two sisters are murdered and then years later, their brother is murdered in exactly the same way, in exactly the same place. And the only evidence left behind is a few scary emails Makes you wonder. Read Article!

Friday, October 17, 2008


When it got hot in the valley, Thomas and Alfred drove their cows up to a cool, green pasture in the mountains to graze. Usually they stayed there with the cows for two months. Then they brought them down to the valley again. The work was easy enough, but, oh, it was boring. All day the two men tended their cows. At night they went back to the tiny hut where they lived. They ate supper and worked in the garden and went to sleep. It was always the same.

Then Thomas had an idea that changed everything. "Let's make a doll the size of a man." he said. "It would be fun to make, and we could put it in the garden to scare the birds."

"It should look like Harold," Alfred said. Harold was a farmer they both hated. They made a doll out of old sacks stuffed with straw. They gave it a pointy nose like Harold's and tiny eyes like his. Then they added dark hair and a twisted frown. Of course they also gave it Harold's name.

Each morning on their way to the pasture, they tied Harold to a pole in the garden to scare away the birds. Each night they brought him inside so that he wouldn't get ruined if it rained.

When they were feeling playful, they would talk to him. One of them might say, "How are the vegetables growing today, Harold?" Then the other, making believe he was Harold, would answer in a crazy voice, "Very slowly." They both would laugh, but not Harold.

Whenever something went wrong, they took it out on Harold. They would curse at him, even kick or punch him. Sometimes one of them would take the food they were eating (which they both were sick of) and smear it on the doll's face. "How do you like that stew, Harold?" he would ask. "Well, you better eat it - or else." Then the two men would howl with laughter.

One night, after Thomas had wiped Harold's face with food, Harold grunted. "Did you hear that?" Alfred asked.

"It was Harold," Thomas said. "I was watching him when it happened. I can't believe it."

"How could he grunt?" Alfred asked, "He's just a sack of straw. It's not possible."

"Let's throw him in the fire," Thomas said, "and that will be that."

"Let's not do anything stupid," said Alfred. "We don't know what's going on. When we move the cows down, we'll leave him behind. For now, let's just keep an eye on him."

So they left Harold sitting in the corner of the hut. They didn't talk to him or take him outside anymore. Now and then the doll grunted, but that was all. After a few days, they decided there was nothing to be afraid of. Maybe a mouse or some insects had gotten inside Harold and were making those sounds.

So Thomas and Alfred went back to their old ways. Each morning they put Harold out in the garden, and each night they brought him back into the hut. When they felt playful, they joked with him. When they felt mean, they treated him as badly as ever.

Then one night Alfred noticed something that frightened him. "Harold is growing," he said.

"I was thinking the same thing." Thomas said.

"Maybe it's just our imagination," Albert replied. "We have been up here on this mountain for too long."

The Next morning, while they were eating, Harold stood up and walked out of the hut. He climbed up on the roof and trotted back and forth, like a horse on its hind legs. All day and all night, he trotted like that. In the morning Harold climbed down and stood in a far corner of the pasture. The men had no idea what he would do next. They were afraid.

They decided to take the cows down into the valley that same day. When they left, Harold was nowhere in sight. They felt as if they had escaped a great danger and began joking and singing. But when they had gone only a mile or two, they realized they had forgotten to bring the milking stools.

Neither one wanted to go back for them, but the stools would cost a lot to replace. "There really is nothing to be afraid of," they told one another. "After all, what could a doll do?"

They drew straws to see which one would go back. It was Thomas. "I'll catch up with you." he said, and Alfred walked toward the valley.

When Alfred came to a rise in the path, he looked back for Thomas. He did not see him anywhere. But he did see Harold. The doll was on the roof of the hut again. As Alfred watched, Harold kneeled and stretched out a bloody skin to dry in the sun. Read Article!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Destination Truth - Wildman and Swamp Dinosaur

Josh and the crew investigate a manlike creature that is terrorising Cambodian villages. Elsewhere, Zambian fishermen claim that they are being stalked by a dinosaur.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

POLY Haunted Places...

Here are some of the rumors i got from the web.

  1. SP muti-purpose field- In Sp before the year 2005, a lot of strange things happend at the surrounding blocks of the muti-purpose field. Heard that they employed a priest and was told to alter the shape of the muti-purpose field to Octagon Shape. It acts something like a 8-sided mirror. Alot of theory to the reason behind it. Some said that someone died while playing soccer( got rammed by a ball), others about a guy from rugby almost died at the field, also things like someone commited sucide at the building surrounding the field. This make it most eerie place in SP in the childcare centre. .

  2. Red Bridge of SP- Legend say that there was blood stain on the bridge and cannot be removed and cannot be covered over by paint so they decided to pain the bridge red. Everytime u walk past it u will felt some pressence around you when there is nobody. Soneone saw a white fig flew out of the cubicle from the mirror reflection.Tutor has also confirmed about that someone committed suicide at the red bridge.

  3. Tp Computer Lab- There is girl with long hair that appeared in the lab, playing PC after light out time (10pm)

  4. No T13 in SP - There is no blk no: T14. My senior told me that it is suppose to be the place is where the astrology club was at ( now there is a cafe below it), but i forget what is the name of the block already.

  5. SP childcare center - A few years back when some student were having a camp, a few of them went up to explore the kindergarden. when the reach the highest level, they heard the sound of crying baby.

  6. NYP nursing block - they said people commit suicide before, and rite at the spot where there is a small track field, they say that at night, sometimes u will hear jogging sound at the track there with high heels, when there is no one. There is a morgue where the bodies inside the morgue are supposed to be dismembered with no head, but rumors says that the dismembered body will fix together and sit up right on the table with the head on

  7. NYO block P - one of the girls toilet is locked permanently, but not by the janitor/school, no one really knows why, but they said that someone died there before, and if you go in alone, you will find someone else walking out with you.

  8. Sp Red bridge again - one of the version is during at night, when you walk on the second floor. You will be able to see a old grandma upstair walking. While when you walk on the third floor. you will be able to see a boy playing ball there.

  9. NP Red Railing - is rumored to paint red but originally it was other color. It had when a guy fall from the upper level and before he land he hit on the railing leaving his blood stain on it. Therefore the worker paint back the color, but no matter how many time he try, the next day the red blood stain will return. The new conference room or dunno wat you call that used to be the Octogan, the place is very strange. Once you enter even you are near the main entrance, you wont be able to get any reception. At night there used to be a rehearsal for a drama, the actor saw shadown dashing across at night and also when they took a photo it was fill with orb like spirits surrounding them.Soon after 2 year plus, the octogan is demolish to bulid the new conference hall. Other than the reception thing, the rest of the incident i never really encounter before just rumors.

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Finally the Top 5 Video


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Scariest Toy ever created

Apparently these toy are too gross to be sold publicly...

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不可思議的世界 - 高速公路上的鬼魂

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Ghost Video Rank 10 to 16


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Ghost Video Rank 11 to 16


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