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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

POLY Haunted Places...

Here are some of the rumors i got from the web.

  1. SP muti-purpose field- In Sp before the year 2005, a lot of strange things happend at the surrounding blocks of the muti-purpose field. Heard that they employed a priest and was told to alter the shape of the muti-purpose field to Octagon Shape. It acts something like a 8-sided mirror. Alot of theory to the reason behind it. Some said that someone died while playing soccer( got rammed by a ball), others about a guy from rugby almost died at the field, also things like someone commited sucide at the building surrounding the field. This make it most eerie place in SP in the childcare centre. .

  2. Red Bridge of SP- Legend say that there was blood stain on the bridge and cannot be removed and cannot be covered over by paint so they decided to pain the bridge red. Everytime u walk past it u will felt some pressence around you when there is nobody. Soneone saw a white fig flew out of the cubicle from the mirror reflection.Tutor has also confirmed about that someone committed suicide at the red bridge.

  3. Tp Computer Lab- There is girl with long hair that appeared in the lab, playing PC after light out time (10pm)

  4. No T13 in SP - There is no blk no: T14. My senior told me that it is suppose to be the place is where the astrology club was at ( now there is a cafe below it), but i forget what is the name of the block already.

  5. SP childcare center - A few years back when some student were having a camp, a few of them went up to explore the kindergarden. when the reach the highest level, they heard the sound of crying baby.

  6. NYP nursing block - they said people commit suicide before, and rite at the spot where there is a small track field, they say that at night, sometimes u will hear jogging sound at the track there with high heels, when there is no one. There is a morgue where the bodies inside the morgue are supposed to be dismembered with no head, but rumors says that the dismembered body will fix together and sit up right on the table with the head on

  7. NYO block P - one of the girls toilet is locked permanently, but not by the janitor/school, no one really knows why, but they said that someone died there before, and if you go in alone, you will find someone else walking out with you.

  8. Sp Red bridge again - one of the version is during at night, when you walk on the second floor. You will be able to see a old grandma upstair walking. While when you walk on the third floor. you will be able to see a boy playing ball there.

  9. NP Red Railing - is rumored to paint red but originally it was other color. It had when a guy fall from the upper level and before he land he hit on the railing leaving his blood stain on it. Therefore the worker paint back the color, but no matter how many time he try, the next day the red blood stain will return. The new conference room or dunno wat you call that used to be the Octogan, the place is very strange. Once you enter even you are near the main entrance, you wont be able to get any reception. At night there used to be a rehearsal for a drama, the actor saw shadown dashing across at night and also when they took a photo it was fill with orb like spirits surrounding them.Soon after 2 year plus, the octogan is demolish to bulid the new conference hall. Other than the reception thing, the rest of the incident i never really encounter before just rumors.

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