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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Family Trip

A man named Charles was going on a vacation with his brother, his brothers wife and their three children. Since there wasn't enough room for 6 people in one car, Charles decided to take his own car and caravan. They drove for a few hours. Then in the middle of nowhere, during the long ride, Charles' car got a flat tire. They pulled over to fix the flat. Charles' brother wanted to stay with him while he changed the tire, but Charles insisted that hed go on ahead because the children were tired and becoming wrestles from the long ride. He said he would quickly catch up to them and not to worry.
So Charles' relatives drove off while Charles changed the tire. When he was finished, he called his brother on the cell phone, but for some strange reason, no one answered. He left a voice message saying he was on his way, but they never called back. Charles assumed they had made it to their destination. He drove a few more hours and miles, waiting for an answer from his brother, but he never received one. It was getting late in the night, and Charles was getting very tired. There were no hotels to stay in that are, but he found a house out in the middle of nowhere.
He called his brother one last time and left a message: Hi Mark, this is Charles. Im tired of driving, so Im going to spend the night in this little house just up the road. Dont worry, Ill be ok. Ill see you in the morning bright and early.
The owner of the house kindly let him stay in for the night. The homes decor seemed to be stuck in the 70s with lava lamps and old records. The old man offered Charles dinner and Charles kindly accepted. Charles sat at the dining table and waited for the old man to serve him. The old man served Charles a warm plate. At first Charles thought it was meatloaf. But as he bit into the meaty dish a few times he realized that it was not meatloaf. Charles asked, "This is a delicious dish. What's it called?"
"It's a Spanish dish." The man replied. "It's called: El Carne de tus familias." Charles was confused.
"What does that mean in English?" He asked.
The man said. "It means: The Meat of your Relatives!"

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