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Friday, September 12, 2008

Singapore Haunted

Changi Beach An Old School
This building was constructed in the early 1900s. Many former pupils reported scary noises and passersby reported strange lights in the building at night. Rumours include a locked toilet due to unremoveable blood stains on the floor. Others heard that “the white lady wept in the toilet every night.” The building was demolished recently.

Bedok Block of Flats
When these block of flats at Bedok Reservoir was still standing, it was left empty for years. Rumors include…that a whole family had committed suicide in their flat and that a person had been killed by a ghost in a lift/elevator. Passerbys would sometimes see lights flinkering in the supposedly now empty flats.

Changi Beach
This area is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the executed chinese during the Japanese occupation. Passersby often report hearing strange crying and screamings. The heads of the chinese dead bodies are sometimes seen flying everywhere. Headless bodys walk around the beach as well. More scary cases include a passerby witnessing a ghostly execution leaving blood stains, etc.

Changi Old Beach Houses
These houses are for rent. Mostly families wanting a break by the sea will rent them. However, a few unluckly ones would return home with a scare! Most people reported a feeling of being stared at. Few unluckly ones were slapped by unknown forces while bathing. Few had heard scary noises at night…like the crying of a lady. Witnesses say that the door of the old houses creaked while opening and closing without stopping. Some cases even involved possession of body by a ghost and the sighting of a ghost. The mystery cannot be solved.

East Coast Beach
This area is believed to be haunted by wandering ghosts. Stories include a person walking along the beach at night seeing a lady in white floating around. Strange noises were also reported. Many reports indicate that there are many people drowning in the sea. Be careful if you take an enjoyable swim or stroll along the beach at night or the ghosts could disturb you anytime.

Kind Ghost
Often, people returning home late at night would unexpectedly see a lady dressed in white, who would claim that she was waiting for them. People would rush up the stairs only to find the lady already there. Most of the people would faint. The lady dressed in white would be seen often at Sembawang Road, Mount Faber Road and Choa Chu Kang Road.

MRT Stations
It is believed that certain MRT stations are haunted. People in trains, mostly last trains stopping at these stations, report seeing headless apparitions walking down the aisle or hearing loud laughter. Strange noises could sometimes be heard in the MRT stations. MRT stations are located at Bishan, Braddell, Newton, Novena, Toa Payoh, Tanjong Pagar and Jurong East.

St. John Island
There are deserted buildings in this island. Stories include a student who heard someone calling him at night. Others include thumping sounds and someone running. Some have witnessed a white figure roaming around the bungalows and the forests. The villagers believed that Japanese troops killed the numerous people a long time ago.

Taxi Passengers
Often, taxi drivers doing the midnight shifts, would see a lady in white or in pale colors flagging down their taxis near the Kranji MRT station. If they had the guts to stop, they would mostly be ordered to go to a cemetery. The payment would mostly be in “hell notes.” Some unlucky drivers would be treated to a view of the ghost’s real appearance. That is why taxi drivers will not go to Woodland, Sembawang or Khatib late at night.

White Houses
These are believed to be houses with no owners. The houses are white in color and are believed to be haunted. These white houses are well known among teenagers of Singapore as places of adventure and horror.
Most of these houses have a tragic past. One such house in Punggol had been declared as evil and had to be demolished.

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